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THERMOPLASTIC EXTRUDED MATERIAL provides exceptional performance for all pavement markings. Thermoplastic is 100% solid  and impervious to oil and grease which makes it very durable and useful in high traffic areas. Also the glass beads that are added to the material provide continuous, bright night time retroreflectivity.

THERMOPLASTIC HEAT FUSED PREFORMED REFLECTIVE MARKINGS (HFPRM) provide felxibility, enhanced visibility and durability to help increase the life of the pavement markings. These markings also have a high skid resistance for safety.

3M STAMARK PAVEMENT MARKING TAPE is available for temporary markings or permanent markings. Stamark pavement marking tapes are highly effective traffic control devices, they are skid resistant and highly retroreflective. 

STIMSONITE® SNOWPLOWABLE MARKERS MODEL #101LPCR are durable, have an abrasion resistant lense enclosed within a protective hardened steel casting, this ensures high retained reflectivity. 







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